The strength of a democracy is in its people. The constitution of the United States is not we the government, not we the politicians, but “We The People.”

As Americans and citizens of this nation, we hold the highest responsibility to protect the very constitution, which gives us the greatest freedoms of any country in this world. 

The constitution allows us the right to own property, bear arms, and defend ourselves and our property from all intruders. As citizens, we also have the right to raise our children with Godly morals without the government or any school infringing, censoring, shaming, or altering those freedoms and morals. Our constitution allows us the right to freedom of speech without censorship. We possess the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” As free people, we have the right to petition our leaders on grievances without fear of repercussion. We hold the right to freedom of religion and the right to freely exercise that freedom, with the government having no right or authority to infringe on or redefine that freedom. Our nation stands as a nation of people. We are a nation of laws. This makes us a republic, and we have the right to expect the judges of this nation to uphold the rule of law and not legislate from the bench. The elected leaders of this nation are bound by the very position that they hold, to protect and defend this constitution. 

The electoral college of this nation is one of the most ingenious ways of maintaining the best fairness and protects the rights of every state in this union to effectively participate in each election. By this electoral college, every citizen’s vote has value, as every state holds a position of say in each election. To abolish this as some want, would descend this nation into the state of a banana republic. Which means only the high population centers of the nation would have a say in the elections. Therefore, its protection is a must, and is why the liberal spirit in this nation is constantly fighting to abolish it. 

The privilege and right of every true citizen to vote is the highest and most valuable right we possess. 

The defense of our freedom, the protection of our children, and the security of our rights are found in the ballot box. Each vote that is cast represents one of the “We The People.” Each vote declared that a citizen has chosen to uphold and exercise their right to be an active participant in the nation. 

Two hundred forty-six years ago, our founding fathers stood against tyranny as they moved to break from the claws and jaws of dominance, abuse, non-representation, and violence, to create a nation of free people. They would stand for faith, family, Godly values, and freedom. They were fully aware of the price to protect that freedom. They understood that it was not for themselves that they fought but for generations to come. They believed that “all men were created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.” They were God conscious men who fully understood that the strength of the nation, and its ability to endure, depended on their love for God and His word. They truly believed that the bible held the keys to the success of a nation. By this principle, they implored the people; to always vote God-fearing men into positions of office. They understood that only Godly laws come from Godly men. They understood the scripture; Psalms 33:12, which states, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen for His inheritance.” These founders laid down their lives for all of us. The greatest of our military has defended our constitution from all enemies that hated its purpose. The constitution is the declaration of what freedom should look like. President Regan once stated; “We are a shining city on a hill.”

The question that comes to us is; As Christians, will we take our stand on election day? Will we see the desperate state of our nation and the assaults against our faith, family, freedom, and our greatest commodity, our children? As Christians, will we vote the conscience of the word of God? Will we stand up as “We The People” and take our place to hold this nation up before God and hold our elected officials to the standards of the office they hold and to the faith that brought us here? Will we vote to call this nation back to God and to truly once again become one nation under God? 

President Reagan again wisely stated: “If we do not remain one nation under God, then we will become a nation gone under.”

Let’s take our place this election season, and look at our right to vote as the greatest responsibility. It is a responsibility to hold this nation to represent the freedoms it was founded upon and to hold a God-ordained standard. By upholding that standard, the country will be blessed. It will then allow the next generation to thrive and become all God has intended for them to become. Take your God given place and vote this election season.

Pastor Giovannetti