As the day approaches, we see more and more decorations celebrating Halloween. As many look at the day as harmless and innocent, we recognize that it is anything but harmless or innocent. With its whole purpose steeped in witchcraft, it is a day and season that emboldens all that Satan represents. Satanic influence in the nation is on the rise exponentially. The worship of everything demonic has given that realm tremendous recognition, position, and influence over this nation, as well as the nations of the world. 

In Luke 4:5-7, the devil shows his hand. The devil deceptively declares that all the kingdoms of this world belong to him, and he can give them to whomever he pleases. All you have to do is bow down and worship him then they can be yours. Satan longs for worship. It is his most vile addiction that prompted his rebellion. Knowing his ultimate demise, he drives forward with all that he can do to get worshiped any way he can. Every demonic spirit longs for this very worship. By this, they gain control over people, generations, and nations. The very thought of witchcraft is people gaining power over people, gaining authority in their own positions, prestige, and fame for their lives, and above all most of the time; possessions. 

Witchcraft is Satan’s way into our culture and our lives, and any celebration of it strengthens its grip on a society and its people. Today millions of young people are being sucked into its powerful grip. Programming, movies, and the billion-dollar exploitation of its industry have fueled the fire to embrace it. Today demon possession is roaring through the roof. Again and again, we are hearing of horrific crimes being committed by people that are bound in the grip of the demonic realm. Covens that practice blood sacrifices can be found in almost every town in this nation, and with  Hollywood’s excitement, obsession, and positive view of the supernatural, they have launched to the top a powerful, (and to be envied) idea of witchcraft, spells, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, and all the rest. These are now the new superheroes of the day, and to be just like them is the envy of all. Because of this, we have the perfect storm for a young generation to find itself drawn in and enticed around every corner to be a part of what is now the absolute new cool. 

The problem is, that all witchcraft will leave behind is a road strewn with broken, destroyed, and defeated lives. These lives are now chained mercilessly to the whims of a demon power whose only destiny is a lake of fire, and his goal is to bring with him any and all that he can snare. This is why we as believers must genuinely take a God-ordained stand for true victory, and the genuine kingdom. 

The kingdom of God is the one kingdom that will last through all eternity and the one that will bring all others including Satan’s kingdom to their knees in total defeat. We as Christians have a call to rescue this generation. We carry a mantle from heaven with the authority of God’s kingdom to deliver them from the lies and grips of such a vile and destructive kingdom and all its deceiving, smothering, and wrapping vines. 

Halloween is not a harmless celebration for our children. Beneath its lying facade, lives the very horrors and the hordes of hell. 

It’s time for the church to stand up. It’s time for the church to shout loud and strong about the coming destruction of Satan’s kingdom and his so-called holidays. We are salt and light to a nation in a dark grip, and we are the answer to a desperate generation of the genuine light that no demon from hell can put out. 

Let’s shine bright and reveal the true peace that comes from Jesus Christ. Jesus is the absolute and never changing answer to be preached, shared, and testified. By Him alone, and his selfless and life-redeeming sacrifice, He defeated all of hell and all of its unholy sacrifices combined. There is only one blood sacrifice that redeems, and it’s the sacrifice He paid himself and His blood on a cross that can truly save and truly give redemption and eternal life. 

Let us stand strong for this generation, and call a nation that is lost to the cross. Let us pray for a generation to be transformed and freed so that they may become a genuine sacrifice of praise and be transformed into all that God has destined for them to be.

Pastor Giovannetti