At Standing in the Word Ministries, we have some of the most powerful doors opened to us. At this time we are preaching all over the nation of Pakistan. The need is great as over 225 million people stand poised to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over this last year and a half, multiple opportunities have been handed to us to minister at multiple levels. At this time we are airing over one of the largest television networks in the country. JCTV is an affiliate of the TBN network with a coverage area of 2-3 million people. Along with this, we just began broadcasting on JAMTV. This is a cable affiliate of JCTV. Just beginning, JAM already has over 135,000 households, and our program is now running daily. We also air across Bible TV as an online internet program.

One of the most exciting doors recently opened up for us which is to minister live into evangelistic crusades via zoom into multiple cities all over Pakistan. These crusades are preached into areas that could see different levels of persecution against the people receiving Christ. The excitement and hunger that they have to receive Jesus is amazing!

Our first crusade was into a town where over 400 people came to hear the word. They put up a large screen, and we zoomed in and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ live on the screen. In that service alone, 379 people gave their lives to Christ! We also had 26 people healed as we prayed against sickness and disease right over the air. Our second crusade had over 500 people with 274 giving their lives to Christ and 13 healed!

Our biggest need is Bibles. Our goal is to get them into the hands of the crusade directors before each crusade. At this time, we are frequently behind, and they get the Bibles after the crusade is complete which means they have to travel back into the remote village to distribute Bibles. We are working to have the money in hand about a week before the crusade. The cost to ship them from here is too much, so it is more efficient to get the money to them, and they can get them cheaper and faster.

People on the ground are willing to put these crusades together and put their lives in danger. They do this because they are hungry for God and his word.
We stand in a world that has billions of desperate people needing the redemption that is only offered in Christ. So many are under direct bondage to the devil’s kingdom. They are lost, diseased, broken, and hurting.

As we are seeing many doors being opened to our church to go and minister, we are stepping through by faith, and attempting to meet every need. If you would consider a partnership with us to help get Bibles into the hands of these pastors that are willing to take the risk and hold the crusades that would be awesome!
We need to raise about $1,000 for each crusade ahead of time to make sure they have the Bibles when we go into the meetings. The pictures say a thousand words as so many people are so thankful that we brought the message of Jesus Christ.
If you can help us with the Bibles or want to partner with our overseas media, you can click on the link below, and there you will be able to sow into either our Media Outreach or our Pakistan Bible Fund.

The doors are opened now to win souls and your partnership makes you a part of the great harvest!

Proverbs 11:30 states; “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.” Your gift will make you a part, and the resulting souls will be credited to your eternal account.”

Pastor Giovannetti