The defense of a nation is always connected to the strength of its army. A great price is paid by the family and friends of the soldiers that fight and die for the freedoms of that nation. We as Americans have a nation with great freedoms. Over the last two centuries, protecting those freedoms along with the unity and integrity of this land has been one of the highest calls.

Memorial Day is the remembrance of all those who so valiantly have fought and given their lives, so that we could maintain our freedoms. We as a nation come together during this time to remember them and thank them for the ultimate price that they gave. It stands as both a solemn and a festive time for us. On one hand, it is a solemn time because of the blood they all shed for the defense of the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We come together to thank their families and pay respect to the fallen for the price that they all paid. During this time, flowers will be placed on tens of thousands of graves all across this nation as a tribute and a memorial to those lives that were lost. Each grave has a name, and for every name there are family and friends that grieved the loss of a loved one.

For this, we stand thankful and humbled with great admiration for the ones that paid so great a cost. On the other hand, we need to celebrate the freedom that they protected. We are celebrating the victories that they fought and died for. We thank them with our gatherings and allow our festivities to always be seasoned with an attitude of great gratitude and pride for all they did for us. We go forward with our families, children, and friends to now strengthen the nation that they defended with their lives. This we do knowing that as in the past and in the future others will stand up and sacrificially pay the price so we can remain a free, strong, and a protected nation because of the price paid by brave men and women.

Let us remember them with honor and the price that they paid. Let’s do our part to keep our constitution true, covered, and protected. Let’s stand together to keep God at the center of the helm. Let’s do everything on our part to protect all they did with their part to keep America “One Nation Under God Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All… God bless our soldiers, God Bless our Families, and God Bless the United States Of America.

Pastor Giovannetti