There seems to be much soul-searching amongst people, as well as believers, concerning the nation of Israel. Being in this place is so often the result of not having a biblical worldview of the Jewish state. Israel, as a nation, stands foremost and frontline in all biblical prophecy. Israel’s final recognition of Jesus as the savior and the country’s elevation to the status of the nation, which is the seat of rule during the millennial reign of Christ, shows that all prophecy concerning her shall be fulfilled. Ultimately, as the New Jerusalem, which is the eternal city of God, Israel’s biblical eternal security constantly portrays to us the longsuffering and patience of God for all to be saved.  

In this short message, I will present scripture that reveals Israel’s right to exist and exist where God has placed her. Israel is not an occupier; she is a possessor of the land that God Himself has given to her.

In Genesis 12:1-3, God sets in motion the nation by calling Abraham out from the land of the North to the place that He will give him as an eternal inheritance. Abraham obeys God and takes his journey to the land. There he walks the length, breath, and height of it. With that, God confirms to Abraham that by his obedience to his descendants, He will give the land. In Genesis 15:1-6, God states that He will be Abraham’s constant defense, and as the stars in the sky, so shall be the size of the multitude of the people that will comprise Israel. To prove to Abraham that long after his death, God would fulfill what he said, God cut a covenant with Abraham. In Genesis 15:8-21, God has Abraham set up a sacrifice. God has Abraham cut the sacrifice in half. In a covenant, the two people making the covenant would walk hand in hand between the pieces, declaring that the covenant is secure. God doesn’t have Abraham walk between the pieces, because then it would also rely on Abraham’s descendants to confirm and fulfill the covenant. Instead, God alone passes between the pieces so that the fulfillment of the covenant to give the land as an eternal inheritance solely belongs to God. God shows the trials that will take place for the nation as it will grow into a people but in a foreign land. God and His power would deliver the nation and bring them to the land that He promised. Four hundred years later, as God had declared, He visited His people. Exodus 2:23-25 and Exodus 3:1-8, God visits the people and states that He will take them from Egypt and bring them into what is called the land of promise.

God overthrew all the nations that were there to give Israel the land for them to possess. What God stated, He fulfilled. To fulfill the part of the promise to Abraham and confirm the eternal dynasty of Israel that in him all nations of the earth would be blessed meant a savior to deliver all of mankind had to be born.  

2 Samuel 7:1-17, we have the story of King David. This great King wanted to build God a house. God sent the prophet Nathan to him and said you will not build me a house, but I will build you a dynasty that will last forever. Verse 12 states, “I will set up your seed after you who will come from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.” God said to David in Verse 16,  “Your house and your kingdom shall be established forever before you. Your throne shall be established forever.” With this, the future of Israel and its right to possess the land that God gave them has become secured.  

Through all the prophets, God reminds Israel and the nations that His covenant to Abraham stands strong and is un-alterable. God will remain steadfast to uphold all that He said to Abraham so all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, through the covenant that He established for all eternity.

God has actively stood strong to fulfill all that He has said. Israel’s existence today is the testimony that after 3,500 years, God is no respecter of time. What He said remains and will remain until fulfilled. Isaiah 62:1-12 declares that God has set watchmen on the walls to stand firm for the completion of all that He has said. Verses 1-5, the Bible states that God will not hold His peace until Israel’s righteousness goes forth as brightness and that her salvation be as a lamp that burns to the nations of the word.

Israel is not an occupier; it is the rightful possessor, inheritor, and inhibitor of the land that God, who cannot lie, has given to it. Her very presence is the continuous testimony that God’s will and purpose are stronger than all the nations of the world. The nation around her may hate them, but in truth, they truly fear her. The very constant presence of Israel crushes and exposes all the plans and desires of her enemies. 

To bless Israel is to bless the God who established her as a sign of His covenant and steadfast love. To curse Israel is a completely foolish and dangerous move. For the God who has held her in the palm of His hand and defended her against all her enemies has declared to Abraham, “I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you.” 

It’s time to stand boldly with the covenant nation. One day, Israel will recognize the one who has defended her all these millenniums and see Jesus as the true Messiah. Until then, let us bless the nation that our God has blessed and established. Let us stand with our voices high and pour our praise on the one who keeps covenants and establishes mercy. Hold Israel high in our prayers, and truly pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I just recently preached a message entitled “God’s Covenant With Israel” and I invite you to take the time to watch it on our YouTube channel. Here is the link – 

Pastor Giovannetti