Breakthrough, Healing, & Revival Service

Come and experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit like never before! This is a service with the purpose of seeing lives set free, transformed, and touched through the anointing of God. Join us for an evening of worship, the word, and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit! For any questions you [...]

Breakthrough, Healing, & Revival Service2022-11-02T12:40:34-04:00

The Need For Pastors

Pastors in scripture have been given a God-responsibility to shepherd the flock of God. They carry a serious call to protect the sheep. The calling is one that has, at times, been abused or neglected. Today, there is a need for genuine shepherds or pastors to take their God-given place in the local [...]

The Need For Pastors2021-07-08T12:43:00-04:00
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