In this blog, I want to give four of many points to strive for revival in this nation. America stands in a place of needing a serious God-powered move of heaven. Revival is always possible when there are those that believe that it is God’s will. The first and greatest place from which all revival comes is always from God, hungry believers, and a church that is willing to step up to the plate to drive forward. As I go into these few points, remember knowledge is one thing, but the application of that knowledge is another. Let’s begin.

[1] Repentance

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the word says… “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land”. To see a nation won back, the first step to breakthrough is when we realize and admit that it’s sin that stands in the way of any move of God. In today’s society, everyone seems to just want to use grace as an excuse for their ongoing sin, “God has me covered”. When we as believers come to the place [Rom. 6:1] where we realize that grace is not, nor ever was a license to sin, we are moving forward to the purpose. Then we need to realize that repentance is not only for our sins but also for the sins of the nation. This is God’s way to allow His hand to begin to pursue a people and nation to bring them back to Himself. Sin is the block for every move of God, and it must be acknowledged, confessed, and repented from.

[2] God’s Heart

Ezekiel 37:1-14 is one of the greatest chapters in the bible of the desire of God for revival, healing, and restoration. God’s heart is always for people to be revived from the death that holds them from Him, and His calling for their lives. His purpose in the revival is that their lives be set free. God’s heart carries a completed vision of all He desires for your life and the life of the nation. When God tells Ezekiel to prophesy, He already had the purpose of the prophecy and the result in mind. A nation is only a nation because of the people in the nation. God is about you as a person. Revival holds great prophetic power in it. We must see the end result that we are pursuing to see the victory, and we must speak that vision forth. That vision has the mantle of God’s power on it. Revival must confront the spirit of death over a people, and defeat it with the Spirit of life that is in Christ Jesus.  

[3] One Accord

The book of Acts explodes with the need for being in one accord [Acts.1:14; 2:1; 2:46]. But the one accord is always for God’s heart, His standards, His power, His purpose, and His directions. The great outpouring of the Holy Spirit came because the disciples were together in one accord with all these areas in their hearts. Revival cannot come without the direct involvement, leading, and empowerment of the Spirit. The upper room group of 120 knew what they needed to win, and they were all ready to stand together when it came. But one accord can’t just be in the beginning. The success of the great move of God came and continued because as the church grew, everyone stayed together in that one accord. If the devil could break up our unity for this nation and generations to come to the cross of Christ, it would be by causing divisions, conflicts, and offenses in the body. We must guard our hearts and of those around from this at all time.

[4] Stand Strong Amid Opposition

In Acts chapter 4, there is an assault against the move of God that is taking place. The leadership of the day confronted, challenged, and opposed what was happening. They came to the place of forbidding the disciples from preaching in the name of Jesus about the resurrection from the dead. This became the first great challenge for them. They needed to stand strong, and believe that God would defend them and that they were obeying the Holy Spirits’ direction. The challenge to compromise is always strong when we have opposition to our faith. Every real move of God will be challenged. The test is whether we can handle the pressure. We know what the disciples did. They went back to their company, and in one accord asked God to grant with all boldness that they may preach the Gospel, by stretching out His hand to heal in Jesus’s name. They passed the test, and the great move of God continued. Do we have what it takes as believers in this nation to do the same?

In closing, we as Christians need to approach the need for a great outpouring of revival with our eyes wide open. We need to decide that it is God’s will to bring powerful waves of His healing presence and awakening to this nation. We must be willing to speak and declare to the dry bones of this land to “Hear the word of the Lord”. We must hunger and thirst for the powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and as we move in one accord, we must choose to stay the course no matter what as we guard our hearts and of those around us. We have an enemy, and if we stand strong together against him, we will step into the great move of revival that we all desire with all our hearts to see begin to come to pass.


~Pastor G