Remembering Our Heritage

On July 2nd, 1776, the thirteen colonies voted in favor of the independence from England. With the final edits done, two days later, on July 4th, the Continental Congress adopted the “Declaration of Independence”. On August 2nd, 1776, the 56 delegates began signing the document, starting with the famous signature of John Handcock. [...]

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The Perfect Father

So often, people stand in a place of not knowing who their father is. Father’s Day can be a difficult time for someone who didn’t know their father or had a bad relationship. This tends to leave them feeling incomplete, cheated, or at times rejected. The ideal identity creator is a child to [...]

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“Fresh Fire” on Faith TV USA

Tune in at 3:00 CT for our program “Fresh Fire” with Faith TV USA! This is available on Direct TV on Channel 379. You can also watch by downloading the FaithNOW App on your mobile device or smart TV and becoming a subscriber for only $20/ a year. We are touching 8.5 million homes [...]

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