There comes a time when all things begin to mesh together.

In two weeks, Adam and I will be wheels up and on our way to Pakistan to begin a whirlwind of crusades and conferences into a people who are deeply hungry for a great move of God. Over these last two years, God has connected us with top people in media and ministry to prepare us for this visit. Only one week after God had shown me in a hospital room His plans and His heart for that region, the contacts began coming in for the need of ministry. From the connection from JCVTV and JAMTV to the Zoom crusades in remote regions, we began ministering to thousands, and then millions of souls in Pakistan. We have seen over 2,500 souls won to Christ just through our Zoom crusades and have ministered to hundreds of pastors through online conferences. Oct. 2023, we held a large conference in Hyderabad. This has built a God-ordained connection that proved most beneficial and vital to all we’re doing there. Now it’s time for boots on the ground as we begin this phase of a God invasion into the country. We fully recognize that God has supernaturally handed us multiple areas in the nation in which to occupy for His kingdom’s sake.

On this trip, we will have crusades in the cities of Hyderabad and Karachi in the South, and in the North, the city of Lahore, the region around Islamabad, and several other cities in the Northeast. We will begin in the south, where we will hold three crusades of around 1,000 people each and one large crusade of 6,000+ in Hyderabad. We will also do a two-session Pastor’s conference for over 400 in Hyderabad. Monday, we will travel North to Lahore, where we will conduct four crusades starting on Tuesday. One of the crusades will be a mega crusade of over 6,000. Wednesday, we will meet with Pastor Rizwan, whom we do the Bible crusades with, and then Pastor Rachel, the head of King TV. Thursday, we will shoot programming for the Praise the Lord Program. Friday, we will conduct another large Pastors Conference on Friday, then onto the mega crusade on Saturday. Sunday, we will preach at JCTV church, have dinner with the team in the evening, and then wheels up to come home at 4:20 am. By the time we are done, we will have ministered to around 16,000-18,000 people.

Adam and I are so blessed to be able to take this trip and honored to be able to minister to so many people. Finances for the trip have been mostly met. All we have is the two hotels for our trips to Karachi and Hyderabad, and some extra emergency money that I always want available in case of a need. All the crusades and conferences have been taken care of. This in itself is amazing, and we cannot express our gratitude enough for this need being met. Sunday, Feb. 4th, we will take an offering for these last details.

As Bishop Duku stated, “We may not be a mega church, but we are definitely a mega ministry”. The reason we can be a mega ministry is because of you. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s take the nations for Jesus!!

Great Blessings,
Pastor Giovannetti