Pastor Richard Giovannetti

Pastor Richard Giovannetti is the Senior Pastor of Standing in the Word Ministries. He and his wife, Cathy, since 1980, began their Pastoral ministry at Living Faith Community Church in 1989, today known as Standing in the Word Ministries. Beginning over 30 years ago Pastor Giovannetti began his involvement in the media ministry through his radio program “In God We Trust” and his TV program “Fresh Fire! Flames of Revival” which aired on TBN across America and the entire continent of Africa. Today, Pastor Giovannetti is ministering to believers & pastors worldwide through today’s media outlets of Facebook, YouTube, Zoom Conferences, & other outlets. Pastor Giovannetti is also ministering weekly on Christian television through Faith TV USA, Faith TV UK, the JCTV network in Pakistan, which is a TBN affiliate station and daily on the JAMTV network.

Through the Standing in the Word Ministries Media Ministry, the church is touching millions of homes each & every week, as well as those that are in the house. Pastor Giovannetti has also been a board member of the organization “Illinois Family Institute” since 2006. He & Cathy, have a son, Joshua, living in Oklahoma as well as 3 granddaughters and 1 great-grandson. Pastor Giovannetti was ordained through the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies in 1989. He received his Pastoral Diploma through Berean College of the Assemblies of God. He also received a BA in Theology in 2006 through Global Theological University.

Cathy Giovannetti

Pastor’s Wife / Office Administrator

As Pastor’s co-laborer, & the first lady of the house, Mrs. Pastor, as she is graciously called, ministers alongside her husband during services. She is the Office Administrator, on the Board of Directors, & also sings on the worship team.

Mike Sanders

Board of Directors Member

Mike is a member of the Board of Directors. Mike fills the pulpit when Pastor Giovannetti is absent. He is a strong teacher of the word. He also operates as a worship leader at the church.

Adam Elias

Media Director / Pastoral Assistant

Adam is a personal assistant to Pastor Giovannetti & will be seen walking alongside him during any ministry time. He operates as the Media & Camera Director for the ministry. He also oversees the sound & tech ministry for Sunday services. Adam also coordinates / formulates all of the ministry’s overseas contacts and operations.

Pastor Jacob Nasibebo

Pastor in Zambia

Pastor Jacob Nasibebo is the Senior Pastor of Standing in the Word Ministries N’Songwe Village in Livingstone, Zambia. Pastor Jacob carries a fire and zeal to see his village and surrounding region won to Jesus Christ and see the powers of darkness overthrown off the land. Each week, they diligently bring the Gospel with power and demonstration to those hurting and broken around them by the power of prayer. They are actively seeing testimonies of God’s outstretched healing hand, touching lives all around them through their ministry!

Pastor Useni Isimbi

Bishop in Tanzania

Pastor Useni Isimbi is the Bishop over the two Standing in the Word Ministries churches in the Nyarugusu Refugee camp in Tanzania, Africa. Pastor Useni is a man of diligence and vision. He is looking to establish more churches in the camp, as well as outreach to other countries. He has a heart to start a Bible school to better equip the pastors that are coming up to ensure of their knowledge and heart for
the word of God.

Brian Naretto

MEMORIAL – Brian served Standing in the Word Ministries for over 33 years. As a board of directors member, he had a keen eye to watch over the finances of the church, as well as taking on the role as the associate to Pastor Giovannetti. In this place, he and his wife, Laurie, shined so very brightly. Together they ran a large children’s ministry for a handful of years along with kid’s club. Brian stood in many roles from prison ministry to head usher, greeter, and altar worker. He excelled in them all. One area where Brian proved himself was the pulpit. Brian shined every time he stood up to preach and teach. His knowledge of the word and his ability to deliver it showed that he truly was a genuine pulpit minister. Above all these things, Brian was a man of excellent character. He and Laurie were role models to the church. Raising four beautiful daughters on the standards of the word of God, they stood strong on the principle of family first. Today all 4 daughters are serving the Lord as a testimony to the priorities that Brian and Laurie stood. With this as a foundation for principles, they took on some of the single moms in the church, then mentor them back on the right spiritual and financial track. Brian was a practical man, a solid man of faith with a heart to do much more. Brian was a close friend to Pastor Giovannetti and they did so much ministry work together. He will forever be missed by many and especially those of us at Standing in the Word Ministries.