Pastor Rich has been highly involved with radio & television for 16 years. He hosted his own television program “Fresh Fire” that had aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) (formerly All American Network), Total Living Network (TLN), Tri-State Christian Television (TCT), Christian Television Network (CTN) and Warner Brothers (WB). The broadcast had 33 stations covering 26 states. Fresh Fire also aired on TBN Africa. He has also been a guest on TBN in Hendersonville, TN and in Dallas, TX and Daystar Christian Television in Aurora, CO. “In God We Trust” was his live radio program that aired on local stations in the Grundy and Will county areas.

Due to the financial downturn in America, Pastor Rich has had to take a temporary hiatus from the media in order to keep the ministry financially strong which is his fiscal responsibility. Pastor Rich has all intentions to restart his programming as soon as is practical. He has a great love for America and remains strong in his vision to see this nation return to God and a generation won to Christ.