Media Ministry Vision

“The goal of Standing in the Word Ministries is to place a demand on believers to step up, take their place, and let the fire of God transform them into the uncompromising believers that God’s called them to be. The greatest assault on the power of darkness is a power-packed believer full of kingdom authority by the word of God. Through our media ministry, we will endeavor to equip, strengthen, and challenge the lives of those believers. This is so that they are in a place where they can stand strong, run their race, and finish their course with the victory and authority that the word of God empowers them to do.

~ Pastor Giovannetti, Senior Pastor

“In Mark 16:15 it says ‘He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’ Through our Media Ministry, we are driving forward to do just that via Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. We are currently touching 45 different countries in the world. It is our desire to see Born-Again believers all across this globe come to the realization that through the word and spirit of God they are called to not just be survivors, but to be over-comers through the grace and power of God.”

~Adam Elias, Media Director

Video Ministry

Audio Sermons

Standing In The Word Ministries Audio Media

How hungry are we for God? How hungry for righteousness are we? How hungry are we to see a nation and a generation brought out from the powers of darkness…
Jesus gave us the right and authority to exercise His name and His word over the power of the devil. So often as believers, we forget to use this right.…