About The Ministry

The greatest need in the world today, is the healing and equipping Ministry of Jesus Christ. The use of media as a Ministry, has the potential of reaching and touching millions of lives that would never be impacted by the powerful message of the Gospel. By capturing and recording the message of salvation and reconciliation, we can reach and impact multitudes of lives that would otherwise be forgotten. At Standing in the Word Ministries, our goal is to reach those lives with the uncompromising word of God. The greatest assault on the power of darkness, is a power packed believer full of the kingdom of God. Through our media ministry, we will endeavor to equip, strengthen, challenge, and empower the lives of those believers. In the end, our purpose is that they can stand strong, run their race, and finish their course with the victory and authority that the word of God’s grace empowers them to do. We hope you are blessed by our media ministry!!!